PCB swtich

Since I use ezcad3 2.5D to controll the motorized zaxis, I have added a autofocus kit to the system also.
So when I do 2.5D engraving I need ezcad 3 to controll the zaxis. Else I dont need ezcad to controll zaxis and
I use my autofocus system to focus. I think the autofocus is much faster.
I canĀ“t use both systems at the same time, it will short circuit something.
So I did make a small pcb for switching between ezcad2/ezcad3 software and the autofocus kit.
Just turn a on/off switch to select what to use.

You need to have some soldering skills :)

For now it is only the PCB only $15 + $5 shipping (untracked)
(I will update with a link for a complete kit later)

ON/OFF - Connect a button here to power on / off the relay.
TO_ZAXIS_DRIVER - Connect to the Z axis driver to controll up and down movement.
+24V - Connect to power +24V. (12v is ok also)
STEP_CTR - Connect the controller here. Ex. DLC2 or LMCV4 controller.
STEP_CTR_1 - Connect the controller here. Ex. Manual or autofocus system.
RELAY - Relay
When power is off, the STEP_CTR_1 is active.
When power is on, the STEP_CTR is active.

You can solder directly to the PCB if you want but it is recommeded to get these parts
3 pcs 2EDG 5.08mm 4 pin terminal block connector
1 pcs 2EDG 5.08mm 2 pin terminal block connector (Power connector)
1 pcs KF301/5.0mm 2 pin terminal block (on/off connector)
1 pcs latching switch on/off
1 pcs MY4IN 24VDC or 12VDC with flyback diode